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A life long lover of music with a superb knowledge of the industry dating back through the decades. This means he can cater for any event & could probably tell you any number of songs that were in the charts when you were in the 5th year at school or when you got married.

Although he can do any event his speciality’s are from 50’s to the 90’s including Rock ‘n’ Roll, Rock, 60’s & 60’s soul, brat pack music (suitable for Jazz or casino nights) and 70’s 80’s & 90’s.
Andrew has also been asked on numerous occasions to be the pop quiz specialist for pub teams,

When I DJ I’m very conscious of the people at the event, so I try to keep the sound to a level that suit all people. I also never let people forget that I’m there but remember it’s the music people want, not an over the top DJ.

From Ipswich, Steve for someone of just 24 has an amazing taste of older music while also familiar with club music & rhythm & bass etc

Steve is a wiz regarding setting up & mixing and might just chat your girlfriend up if you're not there, but seriously a great all-rounder.

Is more your club DJ with an enormous collection of club & dance songs & very good for doing teenagers & those into their 20’s, a recent edition to us, the good thing about Gary is that he isn’t one of those dj’s that like the sound of their own voice more than your enjoyment.


All venues are different & the size of a venue can determine the equipment needed for the job.

We use reputed manufacturers like Cerwin Vega, and Kam and typically we require space of about 18 - 25 feet so we can set up the over head bars to hang the scanner & projector lights, We use mixer’s & cd player’s & on large shows (over 150 people or a big venue) base & top bin speakers, with a large enough amplifier sometimes 1000 watts per channel.

We travel with spare equipment in case of failure which is good to know.

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