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Frequently asked questions.

    How do you know I will turn up?

  The sheer truth of the matter is that no company can 100% say that they will turn up
  despite what you hear, as beakdown or accident's can happen which can delay or

  What I can say is that we have in place the best possible options to counter any
  adverse happenings.

  I have a friend who hires out vans plus have a local company nearby in case of transport

  We have a number of fail save plans that we can rely on, we have many dj's
  plus links to major companies so we have huge resources and back up in case the dj is
  unwell on the day, I myself have worked even when unwell as I think reputation is

  What will you wear at the event?

  We will wear whatever you want us to wear, if it is a wedding we can come smartly
  dressed, if it is a themed event then a dress code according to your event, we work with
  you to create the kind of atmosphere you want.

   How long will it take to set up?

  Depending on how far your venue is to the van and what package you choose but on
  average you are looking at about an hour.

   Do you charge for setting up and taking down?

  Absolutely not

   How soon to the start time will you arrive?

  We like to get to the venue between an hour and a half and two hours before start time

  How much do you charge?

 This depends on what package you have and what time of year it is and day of the week
 but although we are not the cheapest out there by know means are we the most

 The important thing to remember is that you pay for what you get, if you only want to pay less than £180 for an evening do on a weekend then you are looking at bedroom dj territory
 The tell tale sings of these are, no formal contract offered or deposit asked for, either a small or no play list offered, no web site and no option of meeting your dj or disco company owner face to face.

 The amount of times I have been contacted by a person who can't get hold of their dj with
 a few days to go or even on the day is considerable, if you have no formal contract then you haven't a leg to stand on.

 With four packages to choose from there is ample option for your budget please contact us by phone or email for our currant prices.

Do you have a play list I can look at and can I make additions to it?

Yes we have an extensive library and you can add to this if any requests don't appear on it.

Can we meet you first before booking?

Of course you can.

What happens if you suffer equipment failure on the night?

We always bring spare equipment with us.

Do you have Public liability insurance

Yes for £10,000 000

Are you Portable Appliance Tested?


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